I hear him coming,

My victory is near,

His army marching,

Closer and closer,

I am unarmed.


Front row there lies my sin,

Deceit, doom, death,

Can’t hear it,

He’s bringing the calvary,

With missiles emplaces around the city,


The devourer is coming,

With horns sharp,

And eyes filled with brimstone,

Mouth filled with compulsion,

Hide me he is coming.


I am so close,

Yet so far from my victory,

One wrong step and he has me,

A Sugary fall back into sin,

And I am back to the start.


A bitter climb back to victory,

And when I am almost there,

He comes back with increasing numbers,

A legion of his best men,

Clawing me down.


I am unarmed,

Heis closer now,

I am almost there,

My vicotry is at arms rich,

My legs are weak and I am thirsty,


It has begun,

The Pulling, dragging, compelling,

I hear his voice becoming louder,

Sin comes camouflaged,

Whispering to me pleasure.


No one will find out,

It would be our little secret,

You and me just us,

Your darkest need I will fulfill

I am unarmed.


-by Princess Stephen

(12 September, 2016)




Today I stumbled into a person I haven’t seen in such a long time and of course I was so excited to see her again and I screamed her name. After exchanging pleasantries and all the smiles and smiling and laughter she came to the crux of it…. Now that she has seen me I should do this and that for her. While I was excited to catch up on everything and find out about her welfare, she kept asking about the new favour I am to do for her. And the memories rushed back. Her attitude of being interested only in what she could get from me or I could do for her has always been there. I felt disappointed that she probably did not care how I have fared since we last met. In summary, I felt used and I still think she is using me now.


That reminds me of another incident in which someone came to my office and neededsome assistance. All the time she needed the assistance she would call and chat me up even on whatsapp. Once she got what she wanted  I seized to exist again. Which ideally was okay with me but she would later come from time to time to our firm and not bother to say hello to me at the office or even ask if I still work there. I kept mute. After about two years, she needed my help again and called me up. I picked the call but I guess she felt ashamed and came up with some lame excuse for not asking after me all these while. Unfortunately I could not help her this time, but I know she will return.

I could ramble on and on about such people. We  have  them around us. People that will not call you or send a message, pm, mail, ping or even say the tiniest ‘hi’ for so long. All of a sudden when they need your help they realise you exist, are on their friends list or contacts and just a call or message away.

I know we cannot feasibly keep in touch with all friends and acquiantances at a fast pace and at all times. But I think it really goes a long way if we show that we care and truly care for them from time to time. Do things like pay them a visit, say hello, give them a gift, send them credit, write them a mail or letter, send a card , just about anything to show you remember them and appreciate their friendship or whatever kind of have relationship you have with them. These things cannot be that hard in this social media, internet and ICT age. These gadgets and techs are supposed to help enrich our relationship and communication with others. Unfortunately many of us don’r maximise that potential and only rememer such uses of the social media when we need help

Don’t wait till you need something to remember them or give them some kind of gift to assist you. At that point the gift just comes off, like a bribe or some cheap way to compel them to do you that favor.

I am also thinking of how I could change my ways since I could be guilty of this sometimes too. I don’t like to be used and I don’t want to use people. I’d like to truly care for them. I don’t want them to do favors for me simply because I ‘bribed’ them but because of the caring relationship we have established with each other.

So let me ask, how can we effectively handle people like these as gracefulcornerpillars?

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Much love,