Finding Solution in Chemicals

Ok, I just didn’t know how to caption what I have in mind in the topic, but essentially what I am writing about is substance (drug, alcohol and similar substance)abuse.The trend of drug addiction and abuse in our society is rapidly increasing at a really really fast progressing geometric rate. Pardon all the grammar but I am sure you get the gist now.

In the past few weeks I’ve been watching the Jenifa diaries series with family and friends and it has been a very nice way to relax and laugh plenty plenty after a day of work and stress. Thanks to Funke Akindele and her wonderful team who have not only made it a comedy but also used it as a medium of educating and enlightening our teeming youthful population. So, Kiki, one of the nicest characters in the series failed her exams and was influenced by a friend (Tanya/Tania) to find comfort in drugs or at least use that as a means from escaping from her problems.

This depicts why many people are resorting to drugs now, ladies are not exempted. Some like Kiki do it in order to escape from the challenges of life such as failure and broken homes. Sometimes it is to get confidence to face life, people, talk to guys or ladies – a drug induced confidence. Curiosity has also gotten others involved till they are hooked and cannot help themselves anymore. How about those that are influenced by friends. I will not neglect those that abuse drugs such as tramadol all in the name of the kind of manual work that they do.

Such addictive drugs indeed give fleeting, temporary and ephemeral satisfaction. At the moment, you may seem to be able to read more or assimilate more, the confidence oozing from you may be unbeatable. The feeling of peace and protection from all the troubles and hardships in the world may be there. The peaceful long sleep and lethargic feeling almost all through the day is also present. The reality is that the problems and challenges do not go away. They only seem so to you for the brief moment you are being controlled by chemicals.

However, the end result of addiction is usually terrible and life damaging although it may feel good at the moment. Since it is addictive it usually leads to spending every dime you have on purchasing these drugs. Nothing else matters to a person who is addicted and such a person can sell all in the world just to purchase a sachet or drink of the substance. Addiction in this sense is like a hunger that never gets satisfied, it is Oliver Twists who keeps asking for more. it can drain all one’s resources yet will never rest till it has all including one’s life. How about the damage it does to body organs including the lungs, kidney and the brain. Ultimately it leads to death. Relationships, career, businesses and other aspects of the addict’s life also begin to crumble under its weight.


Many people do not consider themselves to be addicts, some claim to be social users of these substances. That may be true, but even the greatest addicts sometimes do not admit of their situation. Youths especially always think they are invincible from the side effects of drugs or that they will stop before it ever gets to such a stage. Unfortunately, I have known some who were not that lucky and they died due to substance abuse.That you can still read this indicates you are among the lucky people who still have the privilege to turn a new leaf.

The starting point is therefore an admission that one is addicted or abusing substances and this is a really really bad idea. Many users think they cannot survive without it or that they are helpless and have to continue using the substance. But this is not so. You have to know that there was a time when you lived without reliance on these chemicals and indeed you can do so again. So it is possible to stop the addiction and break the chain. Even though you may need the help of professionals, friends and family to keep you on track yet the key point is that it is possible to get out of the addiction.

From the few people I have spoken with most times one of the key factors that made them get on the bandwagon of drug abuse is the influence of their friends. That tells me that indeed bad communication can corrupt good manners. Your choice of friends is therefore very important. If there is any friend in your life that is influencing you negatively the best thing is to cut away from such a person. No matter what other ‘good’ benefits the person’s friendship may have brought into your life, the ‘negative’ side effects such as drug addiction can sufficiently cancel and obliterate all the good. It is therefore time to surround yourself with the right friends and people who will be understanding and help you in your resolve.

Your energy and talents should also be channeled into more profitable ventures such as sports, spiritual activities, dancing, acting and other interesting extra curricular activities. If you need professional help, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for one.

Finally, if you have never resorted to substance abuse, do not try it out. There is a Yoruba proverb which says ‘whatever one will not eat, one must not smell it’, so don’t go near it at all. It’s not even worth a trial!

I know this message will help at least someone, so feel free to share and share on your social media platforms and spread the message till it gets to that person. By so doing you are indirectly changing lives and the society at large.

Keep being a gracefulcornerpillar!

Are You Educated?

Some months ago, a friend who operated an NGO asked me to write a short piece for a tract. At the time, examinations were just around the corner in my school so I decided to write something along that line. For the benefit of all those (which category most people fall into) that cannot get the hard copy tract, please find the message therein written below:

‘Exam always looked so far away and Donald was sure he would have all the time to prepare. Alas, the procrastination that seemed harmless now threatens to destroy his confidence that he’d be prepared. With just a week to go and lots of materials to still read there may be no way of passing for Donald. This may be the time to consider cheating in this exam.

For various reasons, students are faced with the overwhelming challenge to cheat for examinations, assignments, practical among others. Sometimes because it is the ‘common’ thing among colleagues, friends or teachers, it is ridiculous to choose to stand against the drift. It may help to consider the long term consequences of our actions not just the immediate goal of passing:

  1. Cheating is lying which is a sin against God (Rev 21:8&22:15)
  2. Cheating leads to ignorance of the knowledge we refuse to acquire and incompetence since we cannot apply what we didn’t learn well when there is a need in our future career
  3. It corrupts our morals and students who cheat successfully have been found to cheat repeatedly not just in academics but also other areas of life
  4. When caught cheating and sanctioned, the consequences could include suspension, expulsion., withdrawal of certificate and sometimes inability to join a profession or proceed academically
  5. Cheating makes people to lose their trust in and respect for us
  6. It generally weakens the integrity of the society. Those that choose not to cheat will be discouraged at the flagrant cheating of others

You can be a student with integrity –honest, fair, and courageous – just like the man in Psalms 15! Then we will know that you are truly educated and properly schooled.

Dear, now is the acceptable time, today should be your day of salvation if you have not accepted salvation through Jesus Christ. Look for God Almighty now that He may be found, call out to Him while He is near because there is no repentance or salvation after you die or at the end of the world. But really why the delay? Tomorrow may be too late. Don’t keep Jesus by the door of your heart knocking. Once you open your heart to Jesus, He will come in.’

Have You Started the Bible Reading Journey

First things first, Happy New Year!!!!

This is our first post for this year and it’s only appropriate that we greet you in this way, so  ‘Compliments of the Season’. May the year 2016 be a glorious one for us all.

That settled, the holiday period seemed to have ended abruptly for me and when it was time to resume work, I was wishing it could be extended just a little bit more. Oliver Twist asks for more, right? Don’t judge me as being lazy, I’m sure you also wished the same🙂

So as a sequel to our previous post did you decide to study the entire Bible this year? I hope it spurred you to make that decision.  I make similar decisions in some years too but I have never really been able to see that goal achieved. Somehow the passion wanes and that is why it is advisable to do this with a friend or a group in other to receive support and motivation. Well I hope this year will be the one in which I’ll succeed. I’m using a daily devitional that also contains a one year bible reading plan. I like the structure and laid down plan it gives me to follow that way I can know what to read daily  and read up any time I miss it.

I also came across a post from a blog I really enjoy on how someone shared her experience on what she gained from reading the bible through the year. I recommend that your ead it as well to encourage you in your journey.

We always love to hear from you: Do you plan reading the Bible this year? What are you doing to achieve that? Are you working with friends or any group? What challenges have you faced so far and how have you overcome them? Please share your experiences so we can all learn.

The Word of God is essential in being a gracefulcornerpillar. Keep studying that you may be well equipped!




Do You Plan Studying the Bible More Next Year?

As 2015 is rounding up my guess is that you are already thinking of your plans and goals for next year. You may have written them down or just mentally noted them. If one of those resolutions, goals or plans is to study the entire Bible or at least to read it more, I’d share a post from another blog which I think can be really helpful.

Here you go:

‘From the team: The following post is one of our most read
posts of all times. I guess lots of girls are looking for practical ways to
study the Bible. Since we are focusing on God’s Word all month, we dug
this post up from the archives. Read it again (or for the very first time!),
and let us know how you plan to study God’s Word in 2015! (And don’t
miss the giveaway at the end!)
Here are ten practical ways you can stand in God’s truth.

1. 365 Days of Truth
The best way to study the Bible is to make it a part of your daily life.
Simply setting aside ten or fifteen minutes every day to learn more
about God through His Word will go a long way toward helping you
stand for truth. There are lots of great resources available to break
the Bible down into 365 smaller sections; that’s one for every day of
the year! Pick up a one-year Bible or check out this article that’s
loaded with info on how to read the Bible in a year.

2. Thirty-One Days of Wisdom
There are thirty-one chapters in the book of Proverbs and thirty-one
days in each month. Simply choose the chapter of Proverbs that
corresponds with the day of the month. (For example, I would read
Proverbs 7 today because it is January 7.) After thirty-one days, I
promise you will gain a lot of wisdom. You can start today!

3. Mirror, Mirror
I bet you look in your bathroom mirror at least once every single day.
(Hey, that’s what girls do!) That makes your mirror a great place to
soak up God’s truth. Place several key verses on note cards, or write
them on your mirror with a write-and-wipe marker. Then read them
out loud as you fix your hair or apply your makeup. It’s a great idea to
change the verses out after a few weeks in order to expose yourself to
more truth. I’ve got some adorable cards that you can simply print
and cut on my website.

4. Get Technical
Download a Bible app on your phone or iPod, and ask your parents to
do the same. That way when you find yourself waiting in the car, at
the doctor’s office, or at a restaurant, you can pop open God’s Word
for a dose of truth. (Sure beats spending all of your free time with
those Angry Birds!)You can also sign up to have Bible verses texted to
you daily through websites like or Biblesms.
com. There are also apps available to do the same thing. Here’s
a list of apps designed to help you memorize Scripture.Do you know
about a great Bible app? Leave us a comment below with the scoop so
we can check it out.

5. Flip Out
In addition to going high-tech, you can pore over God’s Word oldschool
style—that is by using actual pen and paper! Write ten to
fifteen of your favorite Bible verses on 3 x 5 cards. Punch a hole in the
corner of each card and attach them with a ring. Flip through the
cards several times a day for a rapid-fire dose of God’s truth.
Exchange the cards for new verses every few months.

6. Work Together
Everything is more fun with friends, even getting into God’s Word.
Ask a friend or two to hold you accountable for reading God’s Word.
Text or call each other daily to remind each other to read the Bible. I
have two friends who text me every single morning sharing what
they have read in the Bible that day. I have found knowing that they
are going to text keeps me accountable and pulls me out of bed on
those days when I’d rather sleep than spend time in God’s Word.

7. Stick to the Stories
Jesus taught tough truth using stories or parables. This teaching style
helps break down complex truths about God into bites that are easier
to digest. To hear truth straight from the source, focus on reading
Jesus’ teachings in one of the gospels. Here is a list of all of Jesus’

8. Hear Him Preach
Jesus was more than a great storyteller; He was also a powerful
preacher. His most famous sermon is known as the Sermon on the
Mount (because He preached it on a mountain). Jesus covered
everything from prayer to salvation to worry in that single sermon.If
you’re the kind of student who likes to listen to someone break
lessons down for you rather than searching out all the right answers
on your own, the Sermon on the Mount is a great place to start. With
so much truth packed into a single sermon, this passage is like God’s
Truth for Dummies (not that I’m calling names).
Take your time poring over it, and ask God to use this sermon to help
you build a foundation of truth. The Sermon on the Mount can be
found in Matthew 5–7.You can also listen to the Bible on CD or mp3.
No, you can’t hear the sermon actually read by Jesus (that would be
way cool!), but you can listen to this passage being read by some
other great voices. (You might hear the voices of some of your
favorite celebrities on this audio version of the TNIV Bible.) This is a
good option if you learn best by hearing.

9. Speaking of Stories . . .
We girls love to connect with other people. We are more likely to
study someone’s story than we are to memorize facts. That’s good
news, because the Bible is filled to the brim with stories of people
standing for God’s truth. Here are folks who took big stands for God’s truth. You’re gonna love their stories.
Noah: Genesis 5–10
Joshua: Book of Joshua. (He got his own book!)
Hannah: 1 Samuel 1–2
John the Baptist: Matthew 3, 11, 14, 16, 17; Mark 6 and 8; Luke 7 and 9;
John 1. He is also referenced several times throughout the book of
Paul: Read about Paul’s radical collision with truth in Acts 9:1–22.

10. Get a Coach
It’s okay to get help from others as you make the move to get into
God’s Word. There are great Bible studies available that can guide
you as you learn more about the Bible. You can choose Bible studies
that help you focus on a single subject (such as boys, friendship, or
service), Bible studies that break down a single book of the Bible, or
Bible studies that hone in on a specific biblical character (such as
David, Mary, or Paul). I could never list all of the Bible studies that
might be helpful to you, but here are a few of my favorites.
And here are a couple Bible studies written by yours truly.
Becoming God’s True Woman . . . While I Still Have a Curfew by
Mary A. Kassian and Susan Hunt

  • God Girl: Becoming the Woman You’re Meant to Be by Hayley
  • James: Faith Under Pressure  by Pam Gibbs
  • True Princess: Embracing Humility in an All About Me World
  •  Beautiful Encounters: The Presence of Jesus Changes Everything

When it comes to searching for truth, there isn’t a “right” way or a “wrong” way. The important thing for you to remember is that God’s
Word is truth. In order to tap into the power of that truth, you must find
a way to get into the Word and get the Word into you!


Merry Christmas!

This is to wish you a Merry Christmas!

How did the celebration go at your end?  At the Christmas service I attended, the preacher focused on the response of three sets of people to the birth of Christ:

  1. The wise men: worshiped and brought gifts
  2. Herod: pretended to intend to worship but his ulterior motive was actually to kill the child
  3. The shepherds: they rejoiced and praised the Lord.

Of these three (1) and (3) responded appropriately. What is your own response to the commemoration of his birth?

-You could indeed be grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus and the love the Lord has towards mankind to have sent his Son in the first place

-You could express your thankfulness for this love by giving gifts, time, talent, sharing your resources with others, especially many those that e favour sometimes or can only say a thank you and nothing more.

-Don’t just pretend or follow the bandwagon of excited people. The whole essence of christmas is Jesus Christ. You should believe in him and accept the free gift of grace that leads to salvation and eternal life


Merry Christmas once again!

Being Thankful as the Year Rounds Up


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And so with each tick of the clock the year 2015 is gradually coming to an end. I am confident that if you cast your mind back to the happenings in the year there will be both the good and bad sides. Well, you are not alone; the same is true for everyone. I guess that is the variety of life: the fact that we live and experience both the good and the bad. No one has his/her hands full of only bad experiences…yes no matter how bad things may have been, there must be something good at least that one has experienced. The converse is also true. We all have our baskets full of these two sides of same coin.


Before you start getting into the frenzy of preparing for the new year ahead, it will great to do one thing: count your blessings. Yes, that’s exactly the first place to begin planning for the coming year. Think, ruminate and meditate on this year and consider or list all that the Lord has done for you. Pause from focusing on all the things you have not achieved, received or lost in this year. Some nights ago I stumbled on the list I made last year for my goals that I trusted God to achieve in 2015. Interestingly some were achieved but I was saddened all through the night by the ones that were not achieved. So I decided to change my focus by being thankful!



There is still time to review the year and analyse why some goals were not achieved or what caused some negative occurrences (that’s if the reasons are what we know or can control) so as not to repeat same mistakes. But for now: give thanks.

The more you give thanks, the more you realise there is still much more to be thankful for.And if you think you have nothing to be grateful for, you only need to consider that some people desire earnestly what you have. Someone once told me, no matter your condition, someone is praying to be where you are or have what you have.



Remember to ‘Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you‘ (1 Thess. 5:18).


If someone were to ask you who owned your body, you will likely agree with me that that question is not only dumb but also weird and stupid. Yet humour me for some seconds here, let me ask you: who owns your body? Most clearly, the fact that the question already adds the pronoun ‘your’ indicates that the answer is probably clear: you own it, of course!

While that may be correct, it may not be entirely correct for anyone that is indeed a Christian. For anyone who hasn’t been saved it is totally correct but for you who are saved it’s not. The body of a Christian is temple that houses God through the Holy Spirit – so the Bible makes it clear that your body is the temple of God.[1] That little tiny body of yours (no matter how big you think you are compared to being a house of God whose throne is the heavens and the earth his footstool your body is indeed TINY) is home to Almighty God. That’s indeed unfathomable!

A Christian has been purchased with a price (the life and death of Jesus Christ) and redeemed by His precious blood.[2] Imagine you just bought a nice Louis Vuitton bag for an outing  and just as you were about stepping out of your room the bag talks  and says, ‘I’m not  going to this occasion’ or that it prefers to have stayed in the show room of the seller than being carried to an actual event. You probably will not give a hoot because you are the owner now and will carry it wherever you please. In fact, it will give you greater satisfaction if the bag behaves itself, performs all the functions of a bag (contain your things) and especially of a LV (the class and beauty it combines)

Exactly, you have been bought with a price and belong to Christ. All your owner asks of you is to glorify him with your body. Whatever it is that you do with your body you really should start considering what will give pleasure to your owner.  You are also the custodian of the body and you need to take great care of it. So whether it’s in

  • Eating& drinking: eat responsibly and take healthy meals
  • Exercising: you need this to stay healthy
  • going out: watch where you go
  • dressing: don’t dress shabbily, dress beautifully and look graceful doing all things in moderation
  • whatever it is: GLORIFY GOD WITH YOUR BODY.

We should not leave one important and explicit thing out- the fact that of all the sins that a person can commit, sexual sin is what the bible describes as being against the body[3].

Always remember you have a duty to take care of that body and keep it holy.[4] I hope you will be a faithful custodian! But in case you have not been that diligent or committed to doing this assignment, it’s never too late to have a change of heart and start doing the right thing.

In what other practical ways can we honour the Lord with our bodies? We like to read from you, please drop your comments here.

Keep being a ‘gracefulcornerpillar’!

[1]‘ Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?’ (1 Corinthians 3:16 NKJV)

[2] ‘For you were bought at a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God’s’ (1 Corinthians 6:20 NKJV)

[3] ‘Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside his body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body’ God’s’ (1 Corinthians 6:18 NKJV)

[4] ‘If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are’ (1 Corinthians 3:17 NKJV)