Happy Valentine’s Day -Let’s Save a Life

Hello Ladies,

So the popular Feb 14 is finally here. What’s the noise about Feb 14, love should be shown every single day. Nevertheless, Val’s day is an opportunity to show love, appreciate that special person(s) and affirm them for whom they have been to you, whom they are and what they have done.  It’s an opportunity to show love by sharing gifts.

Please don’t limit the gifts to just your bae, boo, bf, gf, spouse or secret admirer. Spread the love to a wider scope of people. Particularly people that cannot pay you back. Those whose prayers would be answered simply because you decided to give to them, listen to them, smile and laugh with them, share their burdens, feed or clothe them. Yes, these people may not be able to pay you back, but these are the best people you can give to. For when you give to the poor, needy, widow, helpless, sick, etc you are lending to God and he will definitely repay. Do it in secret so your father in heaven can openly reward and amaze you.

As I personally celebrate Valentine’s day and commemorate my call to the bar today (becoming a lawyer in Nigeria), I want to dedicate today to a jovial senior colleague of mine (a year my senior). He’s Faleti Ademola. Graduated from Obafemi Awolow University, had some injury to his head sometime last year and that was it. He’s had a surgery but needs a follow up surgery. While I didn’t visit him, a friend did and I’d let him tell the story himself (I’d post that below). Please let’s give to this cause and share with others.

Your widow’s mite is not too small. Nothing is too small or big. Little drops of water will make a mighty ocean. May the Lord remember your gifts and may you never lack help when you need it.



When the message hit my inbox two weeks ago, I was in shock- how could he have been sick since May 2016, hospitalised till August 2016, flown to India for surgery, could not talk, walk or even swallow till December, 2016 and I did not hear about it?

After two weeks of phone calls and tracking his whereabout through old office colleagues and fellowship mates in the University, I succeeded in reaching a family member who happens to be a lawyer too on the night of February 8, 2017.

Thanks to Dr. Ayodele Awojobi, we set out 5am on Wednesday, February 9, 2017. We had mixed feelings. We did not know what to expect. By 7am, we had reached his residence in Ibadan thanks to his relative. As the door swung open, my heart skipped a bit (I am dropping a tear now).

My roommate (Angola D8), OAU, Ile-Ife and classmate in the Faculty of Law had shrunk in size. The fleshy ADEMOLA FALETI always full of life and jovially saying Harry Potter (my nickname back in the days) could barely recognise me. His speech was slurry. He moved his body with so much effort. I leaned in on him, gave him a hug and had to hold myself from crying.

I knew Dr. Awojobi felt thesame. He looked up and said, “Ayyyyoooooo”. That was the last he could utter of his name. He did not even remember his surname. The one hour with him was emotional for me. The family had spent an initial 18,000 dollars on the first surgery in Appollo Hospital in India asides what was consumed in UCH in 2 months without any progress. He went through the process called Embolisation. The surgery took care of half of the process. Going all the way would have been risky.

They scheduled another surgery for him for the end of February 2017.

I saw in Ademola Faleti today a fighting spirit. Many would have given up on life but not him. He is hanging in there for us. In 8 months, he has been through the valley of the shadow of death but he is still standing strong.

Friends, Colleagues, Family, I told him, “I see the fight in you. We will fight with you”. I prayed for Demola.

But we need to fight with him with our funds. He needs primarily 8.5 million naira for the Second Surgery. There is 2 million naira already. we need about 6.5 millon naira now. His birthday is March 4. Can we give him another chance at life? Can we give him another chance to smile? Can we cheat hopelessness by giving seeds of hope?

If you have ever followed my posts and you were blessed, this is one way you can be a blessing also.

All donations can be sent to:


(I did not take his picture today intentionally because of its psychological effect on him. I see him as chubby as he used to be. I refuse to accept what I saw today).

Temiloluwa Ola


God has done and always do great things

Even to the least likely people

He specializes in making a giant out of a midget

He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise

He works through people that are available

And who could depend on Him and His ability


Who would have thought that Sarah would give birth at old age?

Who would have thought that a mere shepherd boy (David)- the smallest in the family would be relevant and become king?

Who would have thought that an orphan (Esther) without a root would rise to become the Queen of Persia?

Who would have thought that Naaman would be cleansed of his leprosy by only immersing into dirty river Jordan?

Who would have thought that an axe head wold float in water just at its funny replacement with a stick?

Who would have thought that a wooden ark would float during the flood?

Who would have thought that looking up to a snake made of gold would give life to those bitten by the poisonous snakes?

Who would have thought that a virgin would conceive and bring forth a child without haven’t known a man?

Who would have thought that a mere shepherd boy would defeat a man over nine feet tall in battle?

Who would have thought that a four-day old dead man would rise to live again?

Who would have thought that the persecutor would become an apostle of Christ and would be the author of two-third of the new testament?

Who would have thought that the baby boy would escape the decree of the king and would become the leader of God’s people out of the land of slavery?

Who would have thought that Jabez, a complete write-off would become relevant and be reckoned with?

Who would have thought that a son of a mere carpenter would become the saviour of the world?

Who would have thought that 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish would feed 5,000 men and still gather 12 baskets full of leftovers?

Who would have thought that the songs and prayers of Paul and Silas would set lose all prisoners and open the doors of the prison yard?

Who would have thought that the widow’s little jar of oil would have a wealthy turn out just by pouring it out into empty pots?

Who would have thought that the barren woman (Hannah) would keep the house and become a mother of seven?

Who would have thought that Ruth, a Moabite outside the commonwealth of Israel would rise to being in the genealogy of the Lord?

Who would have thought that just marching round with a loud cry would bring down the walls of Jericho?

In fact, who would have thought that a prisoner (Joseph) would become the Prime Minister in a foreign land (Egypt)?

But, God knew about it

God works in diverse ways

There might not be anything exceptional about, happening now or that you experienced in the year 2016

But, I tell you: ‘God is working it out’

You are engraved on the palms of His hands

So, be rest assured that the best is still in store for you

2017 will definitely be that long-awaited year for you and yours. Amen.

-Ayangbile Bukola